Shameful Tiki Bar


Vancouver, BC – August 2019

The Shameful Tiki Bar is the very definition of a hidden gem. The Shameful Tiki Room is located on the southern part of Main Street in Vancouver BC. The neighbourhood feels like it could be the next Commercial drive with all the restaurants and cool little shops opening up.

When you step into the Shameful Tiki Room it feels like you are stepping into another world. You open the door and step through the black curtains into a perfectly decorated and accessorized Tiki Bar.

The people who entered just before us were turned away because the place was booked so make sure you make reservations. They do take tables on a first come first serve basis however if you call ahead you won’t risk being disappointed.

The Drinks

We started off with the Mystery Bowl. I’m not sure what was in it but there was definitely a lot of rum. It was tasty and fun and arrived at our table in a large shell with two burning limes accompanied by crash of a gong that started off a song lead by our server. Entertaining, showy and tasty!

We followed the Mystery Bowl with a Skull & Bones and a Day of the Dead. Spoiler alert here, the Day of the Dead was my favorite. If I could get this every night I would be happy 🙂 reminded me of an adult version of a Dole Whip from Disneyland and with the music, the huts and the decor I felt I will I was right back there in the park.

Round three consisted of a couple of classics. The Hurricane  and the Blue Hawaii. Strong and fruity cocktails that brought about the inevitable conversation about Elvis movies and Surfer Rock.

The Entertainment

The Shameful Tiki Bar was packed the entire night and I think the entertainment had something to do with it. Performing the night we were there were three different Go Go Dancers that were amazing. The performances really took the evening over the top and really turned a great evening into an experience.

The nights entertainment was provided by @sweetpea.magee @lifeoftina3 @cookiecraven

The Food

We ordered the crab dip. Crab and artichoke covered in cream cheese & baked with lots of cheddar cheese. It was tasty and cheesy and the tortillas were fresh and salty and the perfect way to scoop up the dip.

We watched a number of dishes come out of the kitchen and we will definitely be back for dinner.

Again, tables go quickly so we recommend reserving a table early. You can reserve directly on their website so there are no excuses! check out The Shameful Tiki Room in Vancouver.

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