Parlour Ice Cream

Kelowna, BC – August 2019

Wandering around downtown Kelowna in August it becomes quickly evident that ice cream is in popular demand. After passing countless people struggling to devour some gigantic cones while smiling ear to ear we knew we had to give it a try. It wasn’t hard to locate Parlour Ice Cream, the line was around the corner!

OMG the smell!

The closer you get the more your senses start to come alive, afterall there is nothing like the smell of freshly made waffle cones. This of course does wonders for the anticipation of the the tasty treat to come.

Hand Crafted Ice Cream

Parlour is obsessed with local ingredients and unique flavour profiles. New and experimental flavours are constantly being added to showcase local ingrediants.

Enough about that, what did we have?

 If you are in Kelowna and looking for a tasty cold treat Parlour is the place. Don’t let the lineups discourage you. We got through in half the time we expected. They are fast, efficient and server up delicious handcrafted ice cream.

Learn more about Parlour Ice Cream on their website here.