Memphis Blues BBQ

Kelowna, BC – August 2019

We walked past this place the first day we were in Kelowna and thought it looked good. Boy we were wrong! Little did we know we were very soon going to experience the best BBQ we have tasted yet.


Kelowna isn’t the sleepy Lake town it used to be. As we walked the streets on our first night downtown we realized Kelowna was back to being the party town it was before the Regatta incident.

So, here we are walking down the street, full disclosure we were looking for a liquor store. Not being able to find one and kind of being overwhelmed by drunk college kids we decided to ask the server on the patio for directions. The place smelled so good we immediately made plans to return the next night for dinner.

The Drinks

Something I wasn’t expecting when we walked in the door of the Memphis Blues BBQ was the extensive Bourbon list. As a whisky lover, I appreciate a nice selection but I don’t think I have seen such a wide selection of bourbon on one menu before. If you like bourbon you should check this place out. Lots of rare and interesting bottles.

The Food

The food….oh the food. We opted for the special which was a BBQ Beef Rib plate shown in the image above. The BBQ sauce was tangy and packed with flavour. The coleslaw was delicious and even fries were top notch but the beef…OMG the beef. The meat here is applewood smoked, low and slow and I dare say worth the drive from Victoria for. Yes, I would literally drive to Kelowna just for the food at this restaurant. This is authentic southern BBQ at its finest.

The Service

The service here was fantastic each night. Friendly, efficient and helpful. When we walked in the door the next night the server remembered us from the night before saying “weren’t you here yesterday looking for a liquor store?” lol now there is an impression to leave.

It is hard to summarize just how good the food was and how much we liked this place. I guess the best way to convey that is the fact we returned the next afternoon for pulled pork nachos. This was the first time on a trip we made a specific effort to go back to a restaurant because it was so good.

If you love BBQ, bourbon, Elvis or anything else decidedly southern then Memphis Blues BBQ should be on your bucket list. Even if you don’t plan on going to Kelowna it is worth the drive 😉

Check our their website at their website says they franchise so if you are in Victoria and want to open a restaurant…….we will come if you build it!

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