Machine Gun Kelly

Prohibition Vancouver BC РMay 2019

The Machine Gun Kelly is made up of Maker’s Mark Bourbon, Dow’s LBV Port, Maraschino, house-made chocolate liqueur, sassafras smoke. Then there is a side of Beta 5 Pop Rocks 66% dark chocolate.

This drink is worth ordering for the presentation alone but don’t be fooled, the process truly make this an experience to savor.

Served under the Beauty and the Beast type glass, on top of slate tile with piece of Beta 5 Pop Rocks 66% dark chocolate served on the side.

As the lid comes off the smoke clears but the flavour lingers. As a self proclaimed pretentious scotch drinker. I wasn’t sure about this one but one sip had me hooked.


If something can be a secret and famous at the same time then that is Prohibition. Located under a red light discreetly mounted over a side door at the Rosewood Hotel complete with a peep hole to ensure the Coppers are kept out.

Once inside the bar you step down into a large open space complete with huge leather couches, chairs, tables and an expansive bar.

You feel like you are stepping into the 1920’s. Excellent live music, food and drinks.

Next time you are in Vancouver check out Prohibition for truly delicious experience.