Inception Negroni

Prohibition VancouverĀ BC – May 2019

Broker’s gin, Martini Bianco, Luxardo Bitter Bianco, negroni ice sphere.

We ordered a round of drinks, the server took the order and left, she put in the order and then promptly returned. Sitting down next to me she spent 5 ro 6 minutes explaining the drink to me. If you are looking for a cocktail experience you need to try this drink. At the end of the explanation I was asked, do I want to try the drink as is and let the ice sphere melt or did I want them to smash it, with a special hammer, mixing it together. The third option which is the one I opted for was to receive the drink whole, then have it smashed. Sounds complicated right? Let me explain…..


The brilliant idea for this drink is based on the idea of inception, having something inside something else. In this case they have made a Negroni and encased it in an ice sphere that floats inside a “white” Negroni. You can sip and wait for the ice to melt and release the dark Negroni or the server will bring over a special cylindrical hammer and break the ice shattering it and allowing the two drinks to collage and mix together. Simply amazing.

If you are a Negroni lover like myself this should be at the top of your list. Brilliantly designed, simply delicious and like the other drinks at Prohibition almost indescribable. Go there, try it, thank me šŸ™‚


If something can be a secret and famous at the same time then that is Prohibition. Located under a red light discreetly mounted over a side door at the Rosewood Hotel complete with a peep hole to ensure theĀ Coppers are kept out.

Once inside the bar you step down into a large open space complete with huge leather couches, chairs, tables and an expansive bar.

You feel like you are stepping into the 1920’s. Excellent live music, food and drinks.

Next time you are in Vancouver check out Prohibition for truly delicious experience.